Hormone Replacement Therapy May Reduce Pancreatic Cancer Risk

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Factors not taken into account by the researchers may be responsible for the links. In addition, pancreatic cancer is rare, so the risk of any woman in the study developing the condition was small. The reason for the opposite findings is not clear, the researchers said. But they speculate that the formulation and dose of estrogen in the different medications could play a role.
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Hormone therapy in the 50s not linked to memory loss

For the new study, Espeland and his colleagues used data on 1,326 women between the ages of 50 and 55 in the Women’s Health Initiative Memory Study to see whether taking estrogen or estrogen and progesterone led to any problems or benefits in brain health. The women were assigned to take estrogen, estrogen and progesterone or a placebo for about seven years at the beginning of the study between 1996 and 1999. They were then followed for about the next 14 years. During the follow-up period, the women were asked 14 questions that measured their cognitive abilities during phone interviews. Overall, all groups scored about a 38 on a scale from zero to 50 – with lower scores signaling more memory problems. There was also no difference between the groups on several other scales that measured – among other things – attention and working memory.
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Hormone Therapy Safe in Early Menopause

But KEEPS followed only 727 women for four years, and its authors have yet to release their data. The time period was too short for researchers look at heart disease or deaths, so authors discussed heart disease risk factors instead. The 16-year Danish study includes figures, their statistical significance, and several charts. “This is a very significant piece of research, and should reassure the millions of women who turn to hormone therapy for relief of their menopausal symptoms,” said Dr. Roger Lobo, a former president of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.
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For Consumers Whose Health Premiums Will Go Up Under New Law, Sticker Shock Leads To Anger

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The growing backlash involves people whose plans are being discontinued because the policies dont meet the laws more-stringent standards. Theyre finding that many alternative policies come with higher premiums and deductibles. Graphic A look at the consumer’s route through the HealthCare.gov Web site and the potential failure points. More health-care news Sandhya Somashekhar and Lena H. Sun HealthCare.gov is fixable, but dozens of problems need to be addressed, an adviser says. Sandhya Somashekhar, Amy Goldstein, Sarah Kliff and Lena H.
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Domestic Abuse Has Long Term Health Impact, Survey Says

“We now know from science that exposure to violence leads to significant poor health outcomes across the life spectrum,” said Kristin Schubert, the director of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Vulnerable Populations Porfolio. “When you make this connection and understand the health, economic and social repercussions of intimate partner violence, it becomes clear that this is a problem that should concern everyone,” Schubert said. One of the stumbling blocks to treatment, the survey found, was that women don’t make the connection between their health and the abuse. Survey respondents were more likely to blame other things, such as smoking and alcohol for any of their health problems rather than the domestic abuse they had endured. Health care providers often fail to pick up on the signals, according to the survey.
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What’s up with Obamacare and my health care?

These are worth up to 50% of your premium costs. Small businesses can still deduct the rest of their premium cost not covered by the tax credit. It is only available for plans bought through SHOP. 6.
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